Altıeylül district is a place worth seeing with its cultural values.

Altıeylül district is a place worth seeing with its cultural values. So much so that many historical places of worship such as Oruç Bey Mosque, İbrahim Ağa Mosque, Butchers Mosque, Emin Ağa Mosque, although the first construction date is not known, the Historical Fountain, which is thought to have been built during the reign of Governor Ömer Ali Bey; Bereketli - Roman period bridge in Kuşkaya and Balıklı; İkizcetepeler Castle in Selimiye; Uhuvet School (Old Teacher’s School) dated 1910, Historical Chest Diseases Hospital, Tekel Building; Kurtdereli Mehmet Pehlivan Monument is one of the main historical buildings of the district.

The first recreation area of Balıkesir (1934); Balıkesir Atatürk Park, one of the oldest, modern and beautiful parks of Turkey, is also located within the boundaries of the district. As the park is the largest recreational area in the city, it was extensively reorganized in 2006 and provided a modern look for visitors to enjoy a peaceful time. Balıkesir Çay Stream Recreation Area (Courtyard), which was opened in 2017, is also one of the places where you can spend pleasant time in the district.

Pamukçu Hot Springs, which are 15 km away from the district center, are used as supportive treatment in the treatment of inflammatory rheumatic diseases, low back pain, joint diseases, orthopedic operations, long-term immobility after brain and neurosurgery, stress disorder and sports injuries.

The traditional "Balıkesir International Ayvatlar Yörük and Turkmen Festival" held in the district’s Ayvatlar Quarter is one of the most important events promoting Balıkesir and Turkish culture of the district. The feast is held every year on the same day as Mother’s Day.

One of the events held every year in the district is the "İsmail Akçay Road Run" organized in the name of İsmail Akçay, born in Balıkesir in 1942, who won the 1966 Yugoslavia Championship, the 1967 Las Vegas Marathon in America, 1968 Greece, 1972 Yugoslavia, 1973 Greece Balkan Championships. The race is held every year as part of Balıkesir’s liberation anniversary events.