Edincik, one of the earliest settlements of the city during the Turkish Period, was an important center in the transition to Rumelia during the Ottoman period.

Edincik, one of the earliest settlements of the city during the Turkish Period, was an important center in the transition to Rumelia during the Ottoman period. The settlement between Erdek and Bandırma draws attention with its registered civil architecture products as well as this historical mission. Edincik, where you can see the best examples of typical Ottoman traditional residential architecture, is one of the new attraction centers of city tourism with its restored houses.

Bandırma Bird Paradise National Park is a very special region nationally and internationally with 266 birds, 118 plants and 23 fish and various reptile species. It has a great value for the protection and continuity of biological diversity, wildlife, ecological balance. Kuş Cenneti National Park is located 18 kilometers away from Bandırma district of Balıkesir, in the northeast of Manyas Kuş Lake, formerly known as Aphmitis Limne.

In 1938, Austrian naturalist Kurt Koswig saw the place where the national park is located today, determining this extraordinary ornithological value and named it "Bird Paradise". The site was taken under protection in 1959 and declared as a national park. The national park was awarded with the “A” class European Diploma given by the Council of Europe on 15 March 1976 for the places where nature is best preserved, and it still preserves this award.

Kuş Cenneti National Park is an indispensable destination for birds in the mild climate of the Marmara Region and on the intercontinental migration routes. Birds come to Bird Paradise on their way to and from their migration places, rest, continue on their way by feeding themselves. Accommodation times in Bird Paradise vary between an hour and a month depending on the species. There are large breeding colonies of the endangered species such as Dalmatian pelican, spoonbill and paddy man in the region.     

Kuş Cenneti National Park is a very busy area in terms of other animal species and plant communities besides birds. Freshwater lobster, which is hunted for commercial purposes, is one of these species. More than 20 fish species live in the lake, mainly carp, catfish, pike, freshwater mullet, filise, cork and bitter fish. The rugged salamander, green frog, tree frog, thin lizard, spotted tortoise and snow rat are species that are under protection.

Especially in the summer months, the places where the water retreats are covered with a rich vegetation.

The main tree that grows here is willow. On the coasts, there are wild flowers, reeds, reeds, rushes, irises, footweeds, and cinchora. Oak, acorn, olive groves, red pine, larch, beech, hornbeam, sycamore linden and alder ash are also among the plants seen on the shores. Bird Paradise National Park is also one of the first tourist attraction centers in Turkey that opened to ornithology (ornithology) tourism

The International Bandırma Bird Paradise Culture and Tourism Festival has been organized since 1987 in order to promote the Bandırma Bird Paradise National Park, which is a rare natural wonder, to large masses and to attract public attention to environmental pollution. Events such as panels, exhibitions, theaters, folk dance shows and festival running are organized in the festival.